Sunday, February 27, 2011

Zombie Reagan reporting for duty!


The Iceman Mummy: Finally Face to Face

quote [ Brown-eyed, bearded, furrow faced, and tired: this is how Ötzi the Iceman might have looked, according to the latest reconstruction based on 20 years of research and investigations. ]

Louis CK on Jay Leno

Bibleman vs. Jewy Jewstein

Obscene interiors: Ever noticed the backgrounds in porn?

Quote...''A few years ago, South African artist Von Brandis, published an amusing photo set on Flickr called “Obscene Interiors”. Von Brandis collected vintage porn pictures he found on the Internet and removed the actors from these, allowing people to focus on the interior design in the background instead. The various position are discernible from the outlines of the white silhouettes but the details are missing''

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Little Boy Dancing To "Burlesque"

This kid is quite popular in Taiwan right now. At first it was cute, but now, quite frankly, it's disturbing. I think that kid is going to have issues when he grows up.!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weird Infomercial

Going Bananas

India is a land of various sects and religions. Out of its vastness with different beliefs India has a sect known as Aghoris or Aghori Sadhus. Aghori sadhus are always associated with cannibalism and Rituals using human skulls and animal sacrifices. The practice of cannibalism and animal or human sacrifices are mostly related to Tantric rites of the Sakta worshippers of Devi, the Mother Goddess in any of her various forms as Kali, Durga, Chamunda and the followers of Lord Shiva.


Creepy Strawberry .


If only my ears were pierced.

Incredible blunder by football goalkeeper


if Moses was a woman….

The world's biggest family

Ziona Chana, head of the largest family in the world, has 39 wives and 94 children, 14 daughters and 33 grandchildren. The whole family lives in a 100-room mansion.


Yoga For Black People

Lordi jinak

now..i have to pee...

Hilarious Skittles Commercial

Thursday, February 17, 2011

find The Melon …

Magic Carpet





Daily diet soda tied to higher risk for stroke, heart attack

Internet Porn Causing Men to "Fake it?"

Das Racist - Ek Shaneesh [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

yeah, la la la la,

im from queens man
aint shit to do but cut coke
watching tony bordain
plus i copped his book
plus i copped his look
that means t shirts and jeans
catch me in my burough chasing breezes with queens
squeezes with dreams
do you ima do me
catch me in my burough
burning L's reading roomy
flipping pies reading fries
im advising kabhir smoking hash
making cash spinning souffees
drinking beer,
40 kuffee rock a sheer
sporting uzies in the clear
drinkin beer drinkin beer
probably drinking some more beer

ya beers for years
chucking shock a zulu types
beers for ears
?machette machette
action needs to sheesh
eddie sieesh speaks sheesh
yeah that's what ed said
people always follow like dead heads
swallowing red meds
swallowing blues too
various hues dude
downtown brown like you who
watch it like youtube
watch it like youtube
watch it like youtube
watch it like youtube

whites and pinks
tights in a sphynx
yeah. whites and pinks
yeah fazul abdul al mohammed
i am a pickup truck
i am america
la la la la la la la la la la

good vibes pma
yeah believe that
listening to three stacks
reading diaspevek
listening to kmd and feeling weird about niipo
fly or style warz
war style worsaw
listening to jams with they pats from patty boy
listening to cam while im reading up on daddy roy
yea yea my pops drove a cab home
now i drive bwap just to bop in the cab home
this is sam selban
llamas, comas,
catch me watching hella novella dramas
with dizzy ill effects and bright colors
roll around town with the bright pool brothers
everyone knows guantanamo is for lovers
next four joints could be Television covers
some richard hell rell shit yeah im real confused
oh you rap too dude?
yeah im real enthused
la la la la la la la la la la

i feel pretty
i feel pretty pretty
i feel pretty silly
i feel pretty weird really
i feel better now
couchie sweater now
gucci sweater now
gucci weather now
who you calling a dandy?
our love is like candy
the rich pour brandy
what do the poor pour?
why we at the candy store for?
why we at the mandy moore tour?
band de jour or brand de jour?
or the land before time
the war time
andy warhol
the war crime
nancy drew nancy who?
nancy reagen in a fancy pants suit
dancing bear in cahoots with the man who shot ya
who shot ya
who shot ya
who shot ya
who shot you
who shot you
la la la la la la la la la la

Destroy All Monsters (1968) trailer

'Ecuadorean Villagers May Hold Secret to Longevity'
Clashes spread in Bahraini capital
'Armoured vehicles move towards central Manama after police storm protest site in roundabout, killing at least three.'
Jerry Seinfeld's "Uncle Leo" dies at 88.
Mubarak ordered Tiananmen-style massacre of demonstrators, Army refused

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Malaysia warns Muslims of Valentine's Day 'trap'

Linking Cigarette by Akira Fujii -

Give Him Wood commercial

Bolot feat TOP FX - Lamb (spy music)

The 21st Century Woman

This is a lot better than any of the star wars movies !

Thai airline hires ladyboys as flight attendants

'Thai airline recruits ladyboy flight attendants'
quote [ A new Thai airline is hiring transsexual ladyboys as flight attendants, aiming at a unique identity to set itself apart from competitors as it sets out for the skies. ]

Naqsh-i Rustam - Incredible Reliefs of Persian Empires

"Most people have heard of the ancient city of Persepolis in Iran. Yet just north of the metropolis of antiquity is a sheer cliff, known as Naqsh-i Rustam. Here, in the second millennium BCE, work began on a quite staggering series of rock reliefs which – even today – have the ability to awe in terms of their size and the staggering amount of work which must have been involved in their creation."

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