Friday, February 26, 2010

Pulp Fiction by Ken Garduno link

I remember one night in early 90' and some of my friends were invited to this Croatian guy's house in San Bruno , Ca ... who was havin this huge party.
Anything you could imagine was happening , drugs, alcohol, rock and roll...and even some the guys found time and the place to play poker .
and me ?..i just snorted cocain as much as i could..i mean they were plenty of that on one table..and the guest was yourself, so i did !!
till i started bleeding bad from my nose.
Later..i went to see this movie, where Uma thurman overdosed and she started nose bleedin..
you can bet your life i was shittin in my pant seein it, cuz i had just realized how closed i had been to check out of this world .

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