Thursday, February 26, 2015

time to say good bye !

The Google team has sent me an email warning!

'' Dear Blogger User,

We're writing to tell you about an upcoming change to the Blogger Content 
Policy that may affect your account.

In the coming weeks, we'll no longer allow blogs that contain sexually 
explicit or graphic nude images or video. We'll still allow nudity 
presented in artistic, educational, documentary, or scientific contexts, or 
where there are other substantial benefits to the public from not taking 
action on the content.

The new policy will go into effect on the 23rd of March 2015. After this 
policy goes into effect, Google will restrict access to any blog identified 
as being in violation of our revised policy. No content will be deleted, 
but only blog authors and those with whom they have expressly shared the 
blog will be able to see the content we've made private.

Our records indicate that your account may be affected by this policy 
change. Please refrain from creating new content that would violate this 
policy. Also, we ask that you make any necessary changes to your existing 
blog to comply as soon as possible, so that you won't experience any 
interruptions in service. You may also choose to create an archive of your 
content via Google Takeout ''

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Iran's footballers under fire at home over 'selfies' with female fans

quote..''Iran's footballers have been threatened with punishment for posing for "selfies" with women fans who have flocked to see them play in Australia.
The team are playing in the Asian Cup finals, and their games have been attended by thousands of Australia's expatriate Iranian community.
Sport and in particular football has a large following in Iran. The sex segregation rules that prevent women attending men's games at home do not apply abroad.
Nor do Iran's dress codes for women, so that officials back home have been alarmed to see photographs appearing on social media of celebrity players posing with Iranian women dressed for the Australian summer.
They have now received a warning from the head of the Iranian Football Federation's disciplinary committee"".

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Upside-down house

quote...'' This upside-down house built as a tourist attraction in Siberia gives visitors the superpower of defying gravity — or at least creates a powerful illusion. Photographer Ilya Naymushin recently documented the experience of touring the house in a photo series for Reuters news agency.''


How the current generation will be at age 85 !


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

One of the world's most capable deep-sea research subs has been lost.

quote [ The robotic vehicle Nereus went missing while exploring one of the ocean's deepest spots: the Kermadec Trench, which lies north east of New Zealand.
The robotic vehicle Nereus went missing while exploring one of the ocean's deepest spots: the Kermadec Trench, which lies north east of New Zealand.Surface debris was found, suggesting the vessel suffered a catastrophic implosion as a result of the immense pressures where it was operating some 10km (6.2 miles) down.Nereus was a flagship ocean explorer for the US science community.
"Nereus helped us explore places we've never seen before and ask questions we never thought to ask," said Timothy Shank, from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), which managed the sub's activities."It was a one-of-a-kind vehicle that even during its brief life brought us amazing insights into the unexplored deep ocean, addressing some of the most fundamental scientific problems of our time about life on Earth."
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just so you know ...take a look at this

RIP H.R.Giger

quote [ The renowned Swiss artist H.R. Giger has died at the age of 74, as a result of injuries sustained in a fall, Swiss public television, SRF, has reported. Giger was most famous for the alien monster he created for the movie of the same name. ]
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I kind of always imagined he'd be creepier looking but he bears a striking resemblance to Walter Koenig.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Guardian Angel

quote [ Chris Holland could have seriously damaged his spine after falling through a table at a club in Poland on Saturday. But instead, he was left with a red mark at the top of his buttocks that resembled one of God’s messengers. "I couldn’t believe it when I looked in the mirror – there was an angel," the 30-year-old said. ]


Saturday, December 21, 2013

saturday joke

An female uninformed voter driving a car became lost in a snowstorm. She didn’t panic however, because she remembered what her dad had once told her…. “If you ever get stuck in a snowstorm, just wait for a snow plow to come by and follow it.” Sure enough, pretty soon a snow plow came by, and she started to follow it. She followed the plow for about forty-five minutes. Finally the driver of the truck got out and asked her what she was doing. And she explained that her dad had told her if she ever got stuck in a snow storm, to follow a plow. The driver nodded and said, “Well, I’m done with the Wal-Mart parking lot, do you want to follow me over to Best Buy now?”



Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dennis Bergkamp tells the Telegraph he wants to return to Arsenal as a coach !

The non-flying Dutchman, currently at Ajax, says he would be keen on a return to Arsenal, to coach, perhaps alongside Tony Adams. Bergkamp also hails the arrival of Mesut Ozil and predicts the German playmaker can lift the Gunners to silverware. On a return to Arsenal, Bergkamp said: “The feeling Johan Cruyff has had for Barcelona, I have the same with Arsenal. At Arsenal it was a good click. I always enjoyed it. I never had a bad day there. It is always on my mind. It is part of my ambition to come back at some stage.” Bergkamp continues: “I can’t really plan ahead. I know I will be here [at Ajax] for at least another three or five years and then I don’t know. I don’t see myself being at Ajax for the rest of my coaching career. I don’t see myself as a manager. I see myself as being part of the coaching staff. I really enjoy that role, especially the individual training with the strikers. I’ve spoken to or have heard about others [former Arsenal colleagues] who would also love to come back. Steve Bould is there now which is excellent. I’ve spoken to Patrick Vieira and Thierry Henry would love to come back to Arsenal one day. Tony [Adams] is a big option as well.” via

Monday, August 19, 2013

CIA admits it was behind iran Coup

quote.."Sixty years ago this Monday, on August 19, 1953, modern Iranian history took a critical turn when a U.S.- and British-backed coup overthrew the country's prime minister, Mohammed Mossadegh. The event's reverberations have haunted its orchestrators over the years, contributing to the anti-Americanism that accompanied the Shah's ouster in early 1979, and even influencing the Iranians who seized the U.S. Embassy in Tehran later that year. But it has taken almost six decades for the U.S. intelligence community to acknowledge openly that it was behind the controversial overthrow. Published here today -- and on the website of the National Security Archive, which obtained the document through the Freedom of Information Act -- is a brief excerpt from The Battle for Iran, an internal report prepared in the mid-1970s by an in-house CIA historian." click here to read the rest of this entry

Monday, August 12, 2013

when a house is not a home !

The fake townhouses in New York, London and Paris that are just a front for hidden portals into an underground world

  • It is one of a secret network of fake houses across the world which perform an more unexpected function
  • Behind 58 Joralemon Street, in the heart of Brooklyn, is actually a secret Subway exit and ventilation point
  • The white walls of 23 and 24 Leinster Terrace in Bayswater, London, hide an entrance to London's Tube network
  • At 145 Rue la Fayette in the 10th arrondissement of Paris there's just a ventilation chimney for the metro
  • Also in Paris, on Rue du Temple is a facade that looks like a secret passageway but is in fact an artist’s trompe l’oeil

Making everything a mystery

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11 Things We No Longer See in Movie Theaters

quote..''Once upon a time, movie theaters offered a "fancy night out" experience. You no longer see 50¢ tickets, but back then you got an awful lot for your money, whatever the price. Remember when almost all theaters had uniformed ushers? Those gallant men and women who escorted you to your seats at the cinema used to dress in more finery than a decorated soldier.
 But that was at a time when movie ushers did much more than tear tickets and sweep up spilled popcorn; they kept an eye out for miscreants attempting to sneak in without paying, offered a helpful elbow to steady women walking down the steeply inclined aisle in high-heeled shoes, and were quick to “Shhh!” folks who talked during the movie. Ushers carried small flashlights to guide patrons who arrived after the movie had started, and they were also the ones who maintained order when the film broke and the audience grew ornery.''